Home Interiors by KBalkarran’s goal is to provide customers with beautifully manufactured home furnishing products, that is environmentally safe and tells a story as well, because we love telling stories with our designs. Growing up on the Island of Trinidad and Tobago, our Creative Director Katherina, wanted to infuse the Island vibe into each design with a colorful aesthetic. Our designs will evoke a state of utopia, making any interior or exterior space come alive. Along with bringing magic to residential and hospitality interiors, we long to see children happy and healthy, because they are the future, that’s why we are proud donors to St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital. Our creative director has been donating to the hospital for many years, so she decided that Home Interiors by Kbalkarran should as well, 5 % of every purchase you make will be donated to St.Judes Children’s Research Hospital, “What’s done in love is accepted into the heart with Love”. Home Interiors by KBalkarran will continue to bring magic and love to every home or business so everyone can have beautiful design.


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