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Let's Call This Ideas

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Let's Call This Ideas

Katherina Balkaran




As a designer I constantly have to rely on creativeness and when a creative idea comes to me, I either work with it or send it back to the universe, as Elizabeth Gilbert the writer of Eat,Pray,Love says in her new book "Big Magic", to which I agree so much with her theory.

One quiet Sunday while meditating, an "Idea" came to me to write about it on the blog, because, I was really struggling with new concepts to make my blog more interesting for readers, so when this idea came along, I knew it was perfect and I kept it.

As you can see, it made it on the site, thank you "Idea" and thank you #ElizabethGilbert for your wonderful and inspiring theory. Remember my dear readers, when that special idea comes to you, Use it wisely or send it back to the Universe.


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