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Pop-Up Shop Staging

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Pop-Up Shop Staging

Katherina Balkaran

Although I’m an Interior Decorator I also have a nine to five, in 2014 I decided I would take the RISK and I started my Interior business and believe me when I say it was a beautiful, exciting and scary process. I put pencil to paper and I wrote out a checklist of my ideas and what I needed to get my business started. I’m not going lie to you as, a black woman in the Interior Business it’s very hard to get clients, so I decided, that is not going to stop me from achieving my goal.

I love decorating with pillows and the pillows in the stores were either too expensive and the in-expensive pillows were cheaply made. I hired Graphic Designer Nacho Filella Designs to design a bohemian collection for me. My idea for the bohemian collection came from my love of the sixties and seventies, which was reminiscent of Woodstock, the Vietnam war and the civil rights movement.

Our collaboration as you can see came up with a fantastic collection that I’m insanely proud of, because there were moments during this whole process when I felt defeated and I wanted to retreat into my shell, but my eldest son was my Jiminy cricket, who insisted that I stay the course, even though I knew deep down that I am not a quitter and it’s so easy to give up.

The Internet is such a fantastic search engine, on a budget, I was able to find a company that would print my designs onto fabric with the help of a lovely lady from a company who prints for Ralph Lauren and all those big names, she referred me to this company that does the same work they do, but for small businesses and I am eternally grateful for her reference.

To get my pillows into mainstream I decided to have a Pop-up shop which would give customers the opportunity to see, feel and touch my pillows, so they would know what they were purchasing on the website. I’m sure you’re thinking, renting the shop was a piece of cake right! Wrong, the rental shop I should’ve rented was a bust and as you can guess I was freaking out at this point, because I wanted to start the preparations for the event. However the realty company I used, found me another rental spot in a prime area, which worked out in my favor, so you see the saying of “what’s for you will be for you” is valid.

The Pop-up shop turned out perfect, I experienced what it feels like to own a shop and it was surreal.  I put my design skills to work and I created a bright and inviting space to accentuate my beautiful pillows. Looking back from 2014 to present I pat myself on the shoulder, because I took a RISK and with trials and errors I stayed the course building my business from the bottom up with the funds I earned from my nine to five and the help of Jah!