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Telling stories through our designs.

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Katherina Balkaran


                                                                                   Welcome to Paradise

 Welcome to Paradise mood board   

Welcome to Paradise mood board


I love travel, dreaming, luxurious hotel stays, I love being waited on at hotels, I just love luxurious things and all that makes for a good story. We tell stories with our designs, so when the idea of Paradise for our 2017 SS collection came to me, I knew I had to make it magical. We're working with talented graphic designer Nacho Fillela from Spain again and this time we're pulling out all the stops. The collection will be light and airy everything suggestive of Paradise. When you think of Paradise, think of blue skies, sand as white as crystals, beautiful palm trees, at night the stars twinkle in the sky like jewels. Tropical birds talk to you in your dreams as you lay on the beautiful beach, the vision of Birds of Paradise beautify the entire island and colorful butterflies lay gently on your nose while you sleep.  Welcome to Paradise.